Update – November 2018

“Things may have seemed quiet recently but in fact years of work on designs, surveys and consultations have been coming together in our Community Right to Build Order (CRtBO)  – which you may remember is the mechanism we are using to gain permission to build the new hall  Over recent weeks an Independent Inspector, appointed by Wiltshire Council, has been scrutinising our CRtBO proposal. The Inspector’s role is to check that the Order meets all the regulatory requirements: he does not give permission to go ahead and build, that decision will be made next year by Cherhill villagers.

The Inspector’s report is now complete and we’re delighted to announce that he has approved the Order.  The Inspector has the power to reject the Order, accept it but require modifications or accept it without the need for change and in our case he has not asked for any changes; indeed, he has made a number of complimentary comments about the Project.  Of all the CRtBOs we have looked at, no others have been accepted without change so this is particularly good news. We don’t actually have the official, final version of the report yet but as soon as we do we will put it up on this website for you to have a look at.

Passing this milestone means that we can move to the last stage of the CRtBO process and Wiltshire Council must now hold a referendum within the village   If the majority of voters at the referendum approve the proposal then the Order is ‘made’, which is the same as planning permission being granted and the Project can proceed. We don’t have a date yet but mid-March is looking most likely.

We will of course update this website as plans develop