Community Right to Build Order

Gaining Approval to Build

There’s a new way to gain approval for a building project and it’s called
a Community Right to Build Order (CRtBO). This is a part of the
government’s initiative to devolve power to local communities and it was
introduced in the 2011 Localism Act. The CRtBO process allows people to
propose development in their local area and obtain permission for it. It is an
alternative route to encouraging development, allowing communities to
decide for themselves what is built.

The CRtBO replaces traditional planning permission but it is still a formal
process with clearly defined steps. This is how a successful CRtBO works:

§ A community group develops and submits a plan
§ The plan is examined against a set of criteria by an independent assessor.
This is a rigorous process to ensure that all the relevant regulations and
considerations have been addressed.
§ The assessor recommends to the local authority that the plan proceed to
§ A referendum is held within the community – very similar to voting at an
§ If a majority votes in favour, the plan proceeds and the building is built

The Steering Group feels that this approach is the right one for the new
village hall which is a project for the community and should be approved by
the community. Substantial grants are also available to support CRtBO
applications and they will enable the Project to proceed from outline plans
to a full application.

This procedure is so new it has never been used in Wiltshire before. We are
feeling our way through the process and will be drawing on the experience of
other groups in the UK who have successfully used the procedure for a variety
of purposes – including building new village halls.

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