Use by folk from outside the village

If the Hall is built, how should it be used?
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Re: Use by folk from outside the village

Postby concerned resident » Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:01 pm

rubyred wrote:Well said @concerned resident. It's usually revenue from outside the villages which help to keep halls solvent. Cherhill is a charity trust, managed and run by volunteers. Without external groups, the hall revenue and upkeep might be vulnerable.
Weddings etc, would be more suitable at the Park Lane site, with less chance of nuisance to the majority and no doubt the management of the hall would oversee events to make sure rules are complied with.
It is sad, but these days, village halls have to be looked at as a business venture in order to survive and if you restrict users events too much, you will lose revenue and put any village amenity in jeopardy.

In response to the weddings etc., having less chance of being a nuisance to the majority if it is situated in Park Lane. Apparently these events were tried in the existing hall some time ago and police had to be called on numerous occasions because of the disturbance and then the committee decided to cease this type of event.

So in your opinion this will be OK for the residents of Park Lane to put up with as well as the increase in traffic and noise.

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