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Re: Current village hall

Postby concerned resident » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:34 pm

John Cavanagh said in the Gazette interview - The brief given to the three architecture firms has been based on questionnaires previously completed by villagers, in particular, that the new build is in keeping with its setting amongst the Cherhill Downs.

The night before the questionnaire was delivered by the postman, John Cavanagh knocked on my door to tell me the new site was the field on Park Lane. The questionnaire did not state where the site would be so any villager who wasn't informed in person would not have known when completing it. It just stated that 'the building would be on a new site at the edge of the Village'.

It seems that Mr. Cavanagh only says/writes things that suit his cause the best!!!!!

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Re: Current village hall

Postby johncav » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:02 pm

This point was dealt with back in February, perhaps you missed it......

Simont wrote:I said on the open evening we made a mistake not putting the site on the questionnaire. We realised that soon after sending out the questionnaires. I'm really sorry we're not perfect. It was not intended to mislead. As the rumour mill and misinformation has gathered pace we have had to involve Andrew, which he has been happy for us to do in the circumstances. I'm sure we will have more inconsistencies. This is an evolving situation and we are a group of volunteers trying to do something positive. I'm sure as you pick over every detail you will find more.

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