Update – August 2018

The public consultation within the village was completed in February and all the feedback received was added to the Consultation Statement. Parts of the proposal document were amended in light of the feedback received and the whole proposal package was then submitted to Wiltshire Council.

Wiltshire Council have now completed their own formal consultation  and you can view the details on the Council’s Consultation Portal. As that consultation was managed by Wiltshire Council please address all queries to their Neighbourhood Planning Team, contact details are in the link.

Now that the Council’s consultation is complete the proposal will be forwarded to an independent examiner to begin the next stage. The examiner will be a planning specialist  tasked to examine the proposal in detail and ensure that all the relevant legislation, regulations and procedures have been complied with. Once the inspector is satisfied, the proposal will be returned to Wiltshire Council with a recommendation that the matter proceed to a referendum.

The referendum will be managed by Wiltshire Council and it will follow the same pattern as a local council or parliamentary election with polling notification being sent to everyone eligible to vote; this is everyone aged 18 and over who is resident in the Designated Neighbourhood Area.

It’s very difficult to predict timescales as the process is not under our control and as the procedure hasn’t been used in Wiltshire before there is no previous experience to guide us.

We will keep this News page up to date as things progress