We have finished proof-reading the first draft of our proposal document and the amendments are underway. The document, called a Community Right to Build Order, is basically the detail of what we want to do, why we want to do it and evidence that the plan is compatible with planning regulations. It’s a sizeable document, weighing in at 123 pages of A4 with an additional 6 appendices of surveys and reports – and some of those are substantial pieces of work in their own right. Once the final version is ready we’ll submit it to Wiltshire Council and so start on the road to the referendum.

The question we’re asked most often is about the timescale of the project – what are the stages and when will they happen. In particular – “When will we have a new village hall?” It’s so difficult to answer that question accurately but it might help to understand the process: to help that we can offer a sneak preview of a graphic which is in our draft document. It shows the stages involved and you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

One thing to take away from that graphic is the opportunity for consultation. On receiving our document Wiltshire Council’s first task is to publish it for public consultation and we will, of course, be publishing it in full here on our website. There will also be opportunities to review a printed version of the document and we’ll publish details of how to do that later.

As always, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions you can get in touch through our CONTACT PAGE.